Saturday, 26 November 2011

DIVA - Collection of 18 vintage inspired ceramic figurines

All pieces in this show are for sale
Please email  Ayelet or contact on 087 6485856 to purchase any of the pieces , or call Dirty Fabulous on 01 6111842 to view collection and browse vintage clothing. Finally a really big thank you to our sponsors at the

Diva in green belted overskirt , 17", €300
Diva in blue prom , 15", SOLD
Dark blue layered overskirt, 15", €280

Diva in dark pink prom , 19", €300

Diva in blue and white stripes, 22",  €420   

Diva in dark pink with overskirt , 17", €300

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Diva in green and gold , 22", €420

Diva with green ruffled sleeves, 17",  €300

Diva in pale green with ribbons, 22",  €450

Diva in peacock dress, 22",  €420

Diva in red wiggle dress , 15", SOLD

Diva in red with lace belt, 22", SOLD

Diva in dark torquise , 15", €280 

Diva in white ruffles with black jacket , 22", €450

Diva in white with flowers -17", SOLD

Diva in black and white, 15", SOLD

Diva as peacock showgirl , 15", €280

Diva in chevron yellow, 22",  €450

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

DIVA exhibition - watercolour illustrations and glazed ceramic figurines

   Left -illustration      Right - Diva with red wiggle dress

Left - illustration    Right - Diva with blue prom dress 

Left - illustration      Right - Diva with pale green dress with ribbons

Friday, 11 November 2011

Watercolour illustrations for DIVA exhibition

These are most of the designs for the ceramic
  DIVAS for upcoming November DIVA show.
Each illustration is drawn directly from the actual outfits
 from Dirty Fabulous and will be on sale at the show.

If you are interested in attending the launch on
please contact me at

Red vintage wiggle dress

Chevron yellow vintage dress

Chrevron yellow ceramic Diva

 Blue and white striped vintage dress

 Dark pink vintage  prom dress
 Dark pink vintage dress with orange/pink overskirt

 Green belted vintage dress with overskirt

Pale green vintage dress with cream ribbons

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Sneak preview of the unfinished Divas

These are some of the works in progress pieces that will feature in the upcoming show, Diva, at Dirty Fabulous Boutique, Wexford St,  24th Nov - 1st Dec 2011

Inspired by 1920's showgirls costumes, the peacock was a much used emblem. 
 Based on an actual Dirty Fabulous white sparkly outfit

Again, based on the Chevron dress available at  Dirty Fabulous

This piece is also inspired by the peacock emblem, with a floor length coat over a light blue textured skirt

 All pieces will be finished and available at the Diva exhibition in November